Monday, October 31, 2011

7th sense

yesterday i have been to this film starring Suriya,Sruthi Haasan and Dong Lee(screen name i dont know the actual name)

absolutely fantastic film...

felt like as if i have seen a film with a strong script.very good job a r murugudoss..

exceptional performance by all the three leading stars..

Suriya is wonderful in the role of Bhudidharma,his interest or the work he put on a film is seen on the screen..

sruthi haasan is good and performed well  and god damn she is beautiful..
and i think the actor who played the negative lead no need of dialogues.he has shown everything he has got in his eyes and body language..
superb camera work by ravichandran
backgroundscore never let u down the interest in the is great work by harris jayraj
one more great work for the film is put by the action director peter heins,his work is absolutely fantastic,every fight sequence is absolutely well choreographed..

happy to see IIT Madras for their research work or project at the end of the film.

entire credit goes to to director a r murugudoss..excellent way of telling the story such that every common person can understand the script involving DNA etc..i mean a person who dont have knowledge of science can also understand clearly.

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